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Autonomous Truck

Since 2019, Almon’s engineering team has been designing and testing autonomous vehicle technologies for heavy-duty truck applications. In early 2019 Almon was successful in its proposal for a grant to fund a retrofit package for automation of heavy-duty trucks, under the Ontario Centres for Excellence Autonomous Vehicle Innovation Network (AVIN).


Through grant funding from AVIN and working alongside subcontractors X-Matik and the University of Waterloo, Almon has invested extensive research into the development of Autonomous TMA Truck systems.


Focusing on Truck-Mounted Attenuator (TMA) trucks (ie. Crash Trucks) which are prevalent in freeway construction zone operations, Almon began retrofitting TMA trucks with Driver Assist and Automation features. The addition of AV/CV technologies can improve safety, reduce costs and improve performance.  


We believe that such applications could be an important steppingstone of commercially viable technologies that can serve as a foundation for the buildup of expertise in AV/CV technologies.

This project is ongoing, we are currently completing the objectives below:

  • Retrofit an existing truck equipped with a Truck-Mounted Attenuator (a ‘crash truck’) with actuators and sensors that enable drive-by-wire of the vehicle.
  • Implement an End-to-End Neural Network, train the AI in several modes of Level 2 Operation.  Conduct an operational demonstration of the Proof-of-Concept.
  • Implement a commercialization strategy to move from the Proof-of-Concept Crash Truck to a commercially available production model.
  • Develop additional beneficial features for heavy-duty industry-specific applications of the sensor/actuator package to further add value.
  • Develop, train and test, Level 3 automation in industry-specific applications.
  • Provide the platform for future Level 4 automation as a next step after this project, which would constitute an extension of the Deep Neural Network training and development.