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Barriers & Attenuators

Barriers & Attenuators

Almon provides a range of barriers and attenuators such as:

  • Big Sandy Sand Barrels
  • Water-Wall Fence
  • Sentry Water-Cable Barrier
  • SLED Crash Cushions
  • SLED Mini Crash Cushions

The Big Sandy

The Big Sandy is an impact Attenuator Sand Barrell is easy to move and provides external verification of the barrels correct weight of sand. These have been tested and certified to meet the crash worthy requirement NCHRP 350.

SafeZone – Temporary Steel Barrier

Almon are proud to be the first company to bring the SafeZone – temporary steel barrier system to their Ontario-based clientele. This economical alternative to the standard concrete barrier system and is an innovative solution that provides superior protection, lifespan, ease of relocation and are MTO Approved and listed on the Road Authority.

Key Features:

  • Fast installation rate of 450 meters per hour
  • Light weight, allows 228 meters to be transported per truck load
  • 15 to 20 year life expectancy
  • Proven performance and durability
  • Passed numerous safety testing to be deemed acceptable for use on MTO and municipal projects

SLED™ Sentry Longitudinal Energy Dissipater

The Sentry Longitudinal Energy Dissipater (SLED) is a narrow, non-redirective gating crash cushion.


The Compressor Attenuator is a re-directive, non-gating, bi-directional, and self-recovering attenuator that has been specifically designed to take repeated impacts without the need for additional recovery procedures, labor, or repairs. It’s the toughest and most cost-effective permanent attenuator on the market. It is designed to increase driver safety, and to cut down repair time and costs, in the event of an impact.

TrafFix Sentry™ Water-Cable Barrier

The Sentry Water Cable Barrier is an NCHRP 350 TL-3 certified work zone crash barrier that can be used as an alternative to cumbersom concrete barriers in a construction work zone.