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Digital Billboard

Almon Digital Billboard

Digital Billboard

Greenboards Media Corp. (a subsidiary of Almon) specializes in the design, ownership and operation of solar-powered LED digital billboards.

These boards are:

  1.  Highly Visible  –  large format
  2.  Creatively Flexible  –  multiple ads per campaign
  3.  Visibly Green  –  solar-powered

The solar panels attached to the greenBOARD supply power to the board during daylight hours. Any extra power generated is uploaded to the grid. A photocell attached to the board maximizes energy efficiency and optimizes visual clarity throughout the day. Each slide above is up for about six seconds, similar to the actual board where they may run anywhere from 5–10 seconds.

Solar Powered Digital Billboards
On each greenBOARD billboard you can see its attached solar panel array that powers its 14 ft. X 48 ft. LED screen. This solar panel array rotates to follow the sun throughout the day to maximize its power generating capability. As a result, each board is its own source of energy.
You get your message displayed in the best LED screen technology and its brought to your customers without any impact on the power grid.

Digital Billboards are creatively flexible and let you change your message and when your customer will see it.

It’s a new age in Out of Home advertising. Now you have the flexibility to change your message and select when it needs to be seen.

The right message at the right time

Whether you are building a brand or promoting an event digital billboards offer the flexibility you need to use the medium in the best way that suits your message.


Even when you’re asleep the board is still working for you. How it works is simple:

  1.   Ads run in a sixty second loop
  2.   There a minimum of six ads each minute
  3.   Each ad is 5 to 10 seconds long
  4.   Each ad is shown 1400 times each day (if run once per minute)

This gives you the reach and frequency you need to reach your customer.

What do you have to say?

Greenboards’ digital billboards can accommodate:

  1.   Multiple messages per day, week, month etc.
  2.   Time sensitive messages e.g. special events
  3.   Messages that count down
  4.   Sequential messages that tell a story
  5.   Location specific messages
  6.   Emergency messages
  7.   Public service messages

It takes us only minutes or hours to institute a change because we upload your art remotely.

Interested In Advertising?

Advertising space on the boards is generally rented out on a monthly basis.
Your ad will run once every minute giving you 1440 opportunities each day to reach your customers.

We would be happy to provide you with a quotation based on the length of the campaign, number of ads, creative services and any other special requirements.